The famous Mexican dishes of all time

Mexico is one of the world’s mot popular vacation spots. It attracts food lovers and sun seekers from around the world. If you ever plan your trip to Mexico then you must taste these famous Mexican dishes.


It is a traditional breakfast dish featuring lightly fried corn tortillas. The tortillas are topped with salsa and fried or scrambled eggs. Chicken, cream and cheese are also added.


It is a delicious soup made from corn, herbs and spices. It is stewed for hours, even overnight. It is served with radish, onion, lettuce, chili and lime. It was once used to be served in rituals.

Tacos al pastorTacos al pastor

This classic Mexican dish originated in the 1920s when Syrian and Lebanese immigrants came to Mexico. In this dish strips of pork are placed over corn tortilla and served with pineapple, onions and coriander leaves.


It is a delicious dish of fried tortilla. This crunchy tortilla is served with different garnishes like cooked meat, cheese, seafood, etc.

Chiles en nogadaChiles en nogada

It is a popular Mexican patriotic dish. It contains all the colors of the Mexican flag. The green portion of the flag is represented by Pablano chilies filled with picadillo which is a blend of chopped meat, spices and fruits. There is the white walnut-based cream sauce and red pomegranate seed. So, there you have the three colors of the Mexican flag — green, white and red. According to history, this dish was first served to one of the emperors of Mexico.



Albuquerque – a mystical land of history, cultures and adventures!

Whether you like history, culture or adventure there is something for everyone in Alburquerque. Every year thousands of tourists gather here to get a feel of this mystical land. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Alburquerque.

  • If you like historical sites then you must visit the Old Town, Alburquerque. The Indian and Spanish cultures are predominant here. There are old churches, piazzas, winding brick paths, old-fashioned shops, and other ancient heritage. During winter, small candles are lit around the streets and it is a spectacular scene indeed.
  • Alburquerque is one of the best places in the world to have a hot air balloon experience. It is actually known as the ballooning capital of the world. Every year in the month of October, thousands of visitors gather at Alburquerque for the International Balloon Fiesta. The sky gets filled with hundreds of balloons. In the evening the balloons are again inflated with ‘balloon glows’ and you can see them shine in the dark sky.
  • You can enjoy different types of outdoor activities in Albuquerque. You can go golfing, biking, skiing or hiking. The natural beauty is stunning, making these sports more enjoyable.
  • You can experience Sandia Peak Tramway. Going over the Sandia mountains will give you an amazing view of the place. It is a hub of winter sports. You can have a great skiing experience here.
  • Great authentic New Mexican cuisine is also a good reason to visit Alburquerque. There are very good pizzerias, steakhouses and cafes.

You can visit Alburquerque at any time of the year. Unlike other places, you don’t need a particular season to make your travel plans. You will be completely lost in wonder once you arrive here.